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We love dragons and mermaids, fairies and elves! We love stories that teach us more about the world and that give us role models for living with gentleness and joy!

Children's Books

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Role models for living gently, with joy

Image description: The cover of Old Dragon by Rich Osborne, with illustrations by Suzanna Leigh. Underneath the title and credits is an illustration of red dragon from the shoulders up, holding a person by the scuuff of their neck in one hand and looking at them angrily. End image description.

Books for the rest of us

Image description: The cover of Once When We Were Merfolk by Suzanna Leigh, which is a watercolor painting of an androgynous merchild with a happy, playful expression, surrounded by various sea creatures. The background is teal, and the green ocean floor is visible at the bottom of the painting. The merchild has short, curly black hair and an orange tail that transitions into yellow scales that cover zir entire torso, with brown skin on zir arms and face. Around the merchild are, from left to right, three powder blue tangs to the left of the merchild’s tail fins, a sea turtle between the merchild’s tail fins and zir head, and two clownfish below and to the right of the merchild’s arms. All of the fish are swimming from left to right, and the merchild is posed in a curve around the sea turtle with zir arms stretched out diagonally towards the ocean floor. Resting on the ocean floor are, from left to right, a red octopus, a small yellow fish, a small blue starfish, a small snail, pale red fan coral, and a large orange starfish. End image description.

Featured Children's Book!

I have two small kiddos and we had so much fun reading it together!

                   Jaqueline Minty, toy buyer for Vashon Pharmacy

Featured Book for Adults!

The memoir of an old dragon